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Embrace the nature, let it soothe and unwind you.

The cool of the night starts pinching your toes when the door creaks open, and you step outside on the wooden terrace floor. Behind, you can still hear the muffled voices of your friends, laughing on the top of their lungs as if nothing in the world matters. A smile cracks on your lips, and you set your eyes to the three lindens hugging the Country-house with their heart-shaped leaves. Further ahead, plains and hills ripple across infinite fields. The scent of fresh air mixed with grilled food invades your nostrils when sudden realization penetrates your mind: what a bliss it is to be. “Trys Liepos” is a modern family-run country-house welcoming guests to their vacay home. When, if not now, is the best time to take a few days off?

Accommodation in the Country-House

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